Italian wind parks travel guide





Description is a touristic guide in Italian and English which offers readers the opportunity to discover the little-known territories of wind parks, which are interesting laboratories for the energy transition. The website contains information on visits to eleven wind farms accompanied by stories and anecdotes recounted by a journalist, Giuliano Malatesta.


  • First guide in the world about wind park tourism – new positive touristic approach to wind plants
  • Achieved media coverage at national and local level to move the existing debate in a different direction
  • Aims to help the debate on RES projects and on solutions that ensure integration into the landscape to gain population’s support

About the Practice:
The guide gives people the chance to discover wind turbines, the modern machines that generate energy from wind, and some truly beautiful areas off the beaten track of the more frequented tourist routes. Building a positive narrative about successful experiences around wind energy projects and strengtheningthe public consensus is important, as in Italy strong opposition against wind and solar projects still exists in many territories. Providing accurate information on risks and impacts, and showcasing that renewable energy sources are the best way to finally free our energy production from dependence on coal, oil and gas, which are responsible for the climate change, becomes all the more important in this context.

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