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To facilitate a dialogue about specific grid development projects safely and in line with Covid-19 restrictions, Terna launched an open webinar series on their new electricity infrastructure projects, thus engaging various stakeholders in an online public consultation and feeding their views into the development process.


  • New practice that requested a completely new design to pass from live open days to web meetings
  • Increased and eased participation of local stakeholders throughout project phases
  • Positive reactions from citizens and trust-building towards new projects across Italy

About the Practice:
The practice is aimed at presenting the projects, giving information related to the project phases and collecting data, opinions, reactions from the territory. The first round is made during the spatial planning of the electrical infrastructure to share the localisation of new substations and the routes of new powerlines with citizens. Terna presents the electrical need for new infrastructure, the feasibility studies, environmental context and localisation hypotheses, gathers feedback from the local communities and comes back to the auditors with another webinar to report the feedback and its reflection on the project.

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