Don't stop! Digital citizens’ participation in grid expansion in the coronavirus era – and after






The practice offers digital solutions for maximum flexibility and low-threshold participation formats in the approval processes for new construction projects. This includes digital consultation hours, online lectures, studio interviews and interactive digital “info markets” for all new projects – all of which will remain in place in the post-pandemic era to serve as complementary modules of participation.


  • The concept and execution of digital info markets on the project websites is new and innovative: it is a virtual, 1:1 version of the physical info market concept including geo-data-based online participation tools and video explanations
  • Noteworthy aspects: speed of implementation; number of digital dialogue events (roughly 150); strategic overall concept for digital participation that can also be used in the post-pandemic period.
  • Broader and new target groups reached with 13,000+ unique page views on the 15 digital project info market websites.

About the Practice:
To prevent Covid-related restrictions from stalling stakeholder communication and thereby causing additional delays in the projects, the various digital formats developed were geared to stakeholder needs and the process stage. Moreover, a digital standard had to be defined that would enable all stakeholders to receive equal treatment and that could be easily adapted for each project. Targeted, cost-effective information transfer was used to facilitate faster, more direct communication.

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