SoLAR Allensbach - Intelligent Energy Sector Coupling




Easy Smart Grid GmbH, Community of Allensbach – Local Agenda 21, International Solar Research Center ISC Konstanz e.V, European Institute for Energy Research EIfER


The project SoLAR aims to prove functionality of intelligent sector coupling through the coordination of many flexible devices in a grid cell within a residential development. The cell reacts to the availability of variable renewable energy in real-time and considers actual and forecasted prices, thus allowing each prosumer to decide when to use their devices.


• Aims to increase electricity self-consumption rate from 50% to over 80% and reduce grid load.
• Realises “virtual batteries” with benefits for stability, resilience, cyber protection, and cost
• Develops proposals on how to provide system services through real-time tariffs designed to integrate the approach into current and future energy markets.

SoLAR was conceptualised by the Local Agenda 12, a citizen climate protection initiative who sought to supply the community mainly from RES, assuming that all energy sectors (electricity, heating and mobility) will be widely electrified and intelligently coupled. Based on the patented technology of Easy Smart Grid GmbH (ESG) and with regional state funding, the project was implemented in a new residential development with 22 households and connected with an existing building with 3 households. It includes smart control of a CHP unit, 12 heat pumps, several dozen household appliances, a number of charging units for electric vehicles (EVs) and some battery storages. Electricity is produced locally with rooftop-PV and the CHP unit.

This practice was the winner of the 2021 'Good Practice of the Year' award in the category of technological innovation and system integration.

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