The electricity world at school






Italian TSO, Terna has developed a series of educational materials for schools with which pupils can learn about the how the electricity system works and the role of electricity transmission and TSOs. The aim is to increase awareness of the need for the electricity grid among youths and local communities


  • Bespoke educational tools developed for three different age groups: primary, secondary and high school
  • Presentation of information to teachers includes meetings with Terna staff and information materials

About the practice:

In a bid to engage young people as active citizens in the energy system, Terna has begun to partner up with Italian schools. Under the programme, which kicks off with meetings between Terna employees and teachers, primary school children work with an explanatory comic strip, secondary school children play an educational video game, and high school level children use a role-playing game with the aim of localising new grid infrastructure. The test phase began in 2018 with 3 schools in Rome and – depending on feedback – Terna plans to expand nationally, beginning with areas where grid projects are planned.

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