Elering launched an innovative tool named e-Gridmap that immediately calculates the costs (CapEx and Return on Investment) of connecting a new renewable production facility to the Estonian transmission grid based on the project's location and capacity, thus simplifying investments in renewable energy.


• One-click tool enables faster information flows, reducing location process from 3 months to a few seconds

• Enhanced ease of analysis and transparency of entire grid for insiders, citizens and investors

Main information:

e-Gridmap facilitates simplified planning for new green energy projects and equal market conditions for all competitors by providing extensive, transparent information about all components connecting to the grid and using in-house databases to calculate investment cost. By helping developers to find and compare the most cost-effective spot in the country, the map encourages green energy investments and thus the integration of more renewable energy into the energy system and fosters meeting EU Green Deal objectives. With local adjustments, the practice is easily transferable to other contexts.

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