Virtual public engagement: Project’s first visit




Rede Electrica Nacional (REN)


To enable environmental impact assessments at a time where COVID-19 limitations inhibited in-person visits, Portuguese TSO, REN used drone footage and satellite imagery to illustrate the territory of new transmission lines and to draw special attention to environmental constraints.


  • Produced videos to illustrate territory of new transmission lines
  • Reduced necessity for in-person field visits
  • Increased local stakeholder participation and transparency regarding pathway choice

Main information:

The creation of videos depicting the routes of transmission lines in two areas in Portugal, digitalised the environmental impact assessments during the COVID-19 pandemic and served a dual-purpose for REN’s activities. Firstly, the videos allowed the Evaluation Committee to carry out their work without the need to visit the sites. Secondly, for communication purposes, videos could be sent to the interested stakeholders, used in clarification sessions with municipalities and shown in public consultations and licensing processes.

Additional information:

REN is the TSO responsible for the transport infrastructure of electricity and natural gas in Portugal.

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