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TenneT, Deutsche Umwelthilfe


Due to COVID19-related restrictions, German TSO, TenneT, Environmental Action Germany (DUH) and the Ministry for Energy Transition, Agriculture, Environment, Nature and Digitalisation in Schleswig Holstein (MELUND), adapted the results conference of the proposed West Coast Line (WCL) to become completely digital.


  • Developed a digital platform to inform the public and explain decisions and next steps for the proposed corridor
  • Gave citizens a transparent forum to express questions, concerns, suggestions, and receive direct answers in a public plenary session
  • 400 participants attended, indicating success of low-threshold, equal opportunity participation 

Main information:

The WCL is a central energy transition infrastructure project and the northernmost German section connecting to Denmark, the Klixbüll-Endrup line, is a PCI project. Benefiting from close collaboration between TenneT, DUH and MELUND, the dialogue and public participation for the planning and implementation of the Klixbüll section (near Niebüll) was robust. When COVID19 brought physical restrictions two months before the project’s results conference, steps were taken to ensure that it could go ahead digitally and that all target groups could join. Video publication for the corridor decision, a participation hotline, live stream and NGO-moderated presentation techniques were used. In the end, around double the number of participants attended, as is expected of in-person events.

Additional information:

TenneT is the TSO responsible for several German states and the Netherlands.

DUH (Deutsche Umwelthilfe) is an environmental NGO active at German and European level.

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