ElectriCITY – an Educational Package for Schools




Elia in cooperation with Flemish DSOs


ElectriCITY is a school package designed by Belgian TSO, Elia to educate primary and secondary students on the importance of the energy transition.


  • Package was developed in cooperation with a group of teachers and included a power point presentation, a board game that explains the idea of connecting energy producers and consumers and supplementary study materials (student bundle)
  • As of 2018, 3.800 educational boxes had been distributed, other regions have shown interest in expanding the project and the game will be translated into other languages (French, German)
  • First educational package in Belgium that includes information about the energy transition and grid issues Europe is currently facing


Main information:
The intention of this project was to teach the younger generation all aspects of the energy sector, the importance of the energy transformation and renewable energy, so that they will be able to make informed decisions as adults. Elia consulted with a group of teachers while developing the content and organised several feedback moments together with its partners (DSOs, environmental NGOs) before the packages were finalised. One part of the package – the board game – encourages practical problem solving, considering multiple actors and the environment. It has multiple difficulty levels and caters to many different ages. Annual updates of the teaching materials will be made available online.

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