Educational Material on History of Electricity






The Lithuanian transmission operator Litgrid created an educational website dedicated to explaining the grid and the history of electricity in Lithuania to the general public.



  • Present the history of the electric system in Lithuania in a comprehensible manner and on a centralised website
  • Provide the public with readily available educational material
  • Create enthusiasm and motivation regarding the profession of electrical engineering


Main information:

The electricity sector is complex and difficult to understand for those not directly involved. For this reason, Litgrid created an educational website dedicated to the history of electricity in honour of the 70th anniversary of the Lithuanian power system. The website displays the development of electricity in Lithuania, how it is produced and delivered to consumers, how power flows are managed and what the role of the transmission system operator is. The story is based on clear examples, expressive visuals and simple games. The user is encouraged to take part in the story as the website is interactive.

The practice provides a full picture of the country’s electric system, including power generation from traditional resources as well as from renewable energy plants, transmission and distribution networks and the consumers. Especially because community engagement is a crucial part of every grid development project, the website aims to increase public awareness of the power system in general and grid in particular, and to engage society by providing information on why the power system is so relevant and how it works in detail.


Additional information:

Litgrid AB is the Lithuanian electricity transmission system operator. It maintains a stable operation of the national power system, controls electricity flows and enables competition in an open domestic electricity market. Litgrid is responsible for integrating the national power system into the European power infrastructure and electricity market. The company has implemented two strategic electricity cross-border links, namely, NordBalt (Lithuania-Sweden) and LitPol Link (Lithuania-Poland).


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