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EirGrid carried out a national public consultation on its strategy to develop Ireland’s grid in the future. Entitled “Your Grid, Your Views, Your Tomorrow”, this engagement initiative was the first of its kind, with an emphasis on the citizen’s role in how Ireland’s grid is developed. The initiative was welcomed by the Irish government.



  • Enhancing public awareness and understanding of the planning and development of the transmission system
  • Promoting open dialogue and encouraging feedback from the general public and stakeholders throughout the decision-making process
  • Creating and establishing trust through open engagement with communities as well as committing to making the most of new available technologies and to making the existing grid work better


Main information:

EirGrid developed a comprehensive public engagement approach. As part of this approach, EirGrid actively engaged with the public, communities and national elected representatives, among many other stakeholders. Information gathered through briefings, one to one meetings, and feedback collected and collated via a bespoke online platform allowed EirGrid to produce a report, which summarised findings and detailed next steps in the drafting of a grid development strategy.

Over 60,000 people were reached through this initiative. The communication tools used included: a dedicated website, social media, a bespoke online portal, an above the line advertising campaign and marketing communications, regional forums which were also live streamed online, stakeholder/one to one briefings, and a mail drop providing information on the initiative and how to get involved. In the end, 3,386 responses were received to the consultation.

A report summarising the outcomes of the public consultation was published in September 2015 - “Your Grid, Your Views, Your Tomorrow”. The title reflects not only the input given by the public but also an updated view of the economic context for developing the grid. A plain English summary of the report was also developed providing clear, concise and easily understandable information for a non-technical audience. Work on a final grid development strategy is on-going.


Additional information:

  • Since 2006, EirGrid, a state-owned company, has operated and developed the national high voltage electricity grid in Ireland. It operates the flow of power on the grid and plans for its future. EirGrid supplies the electricity distribution network and aims to deliver a secure and reliable supply of electricity
  • The practice was developed in collaboration with a wide range of stakeholders, including the Department of Communications, Energy & Natural Resources; Department of Jobs, Enterprise & Innovation, elected representatives, IDA Ireland, national regional interest groups, local communities and the general public throughout the country

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