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EDP - Energias de Portugal S.A.


Portuguese utilities company, EDP developed an animated video called “Clean Energy Mini-Grid”, which visualises the implementation of electricity production from biomass in a remote village in Mozambique.


  • Communicate clearly and effectively to both the local population, including illiterate citizens, and to other stakeholders about the Clean Energy Mini-Grid project
  • Attract funding for the Mini-Grid project
  • Explain the advantages of rural electrification in general, using clean energy mini-grids as a solution, creating awareness and participation

Main information:

The animated video promotes a Clean Energy Mini-Grid based on the use of biomass in remote areas. It explains the concept of biomass energy in a very straightforward way, using a scribe technique where a hand draws the story while a local African voice (both in Portuguese and in English) narrates it. This allows for the correct understanding of the project for both the local population and other stakeholders including funding entities, central and local government as well as equipment and service suppliers.

This visual demonstration explains how the project will work, how the population will gain access to electricity and how they will participate in the electricity production process.

It also describes advantages the electricity service will bring to the village. Big outdoor screening events have been organised by EDP to ensure that all members of the affected population have a chance to see the video. The film has already succeeded in attracting funding for the project from international development entities and companies, and despite the fact that this video was designed to specifically target one project, it has been reused as a general video about rural electrification by several key organisations, including the United Nations Environment Programme, the UN Foundation and Power Africa.

The types of renewable energy that are used in mini-grid systems are typically photovoltaic and hydro power. Biomass energy is more complex. People are a fundamental part of it, particularly in decentralised models, where biomass feedstock is purchased from many micro farmers. This practice explores the renewable source, biomass, as a strong alternative to isolated rural mini-grids.

Additional information:

EDP – Energias de Portugal S.A. is a multinational power and gas utility company, present in 14 countries, with more than 11 million customers and close to 12,000 employees around the world. EDP has a relevant presence in the world energy outlook. It is the largest generator, distributor and supplier of electricity in Portugal and has significant operations in electricity and gas in Spain.

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