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SMA Solar Technology & TenneT


Available data of small and medium size photovoltaic (PV) plants is used for precise and geographically highly resolved PV extrapolations and forecasts. The aim is that PV energy becomes a more predictable component in the power system.


  • Improve PV predictability for energy marketing and system operations by using near-time values
  • Use the data for the marketing of renewable energy
  • Define a data product that can be used for the marketing of electricity for a variety of purposes (i.e. the reduction of control reserve need, for congestion management, feed-in management validation), leading to significant yearly savings and increasing the social welfare
  • Improve the existing extrapolation and forecasting tools, in compliance with legal framework

Main information:

The energy system is influenced by fluctuating generation from renewable energy such as photovoltaic. For system dependability, generation and consumption need to be balanced at any time, and deviations between generation and consumption need to be settled through expensive control power. Since renewable energy production is not schedulable but volatile, precise generation forecasts are essential and their impact will further increase.

In the control area of TenneT a large number of small and medium PV systems are installed (660,000 systems with 15 GW in total; 20,000 PV systems with 300 MW used for this practice). In order to improve forecasts, SMA Solar Technology AG uses the available data of small and medium size PV plants in online portals to issue precise and geographically highly resolved PV extrapolation and forecasts.

By accessing a highly representative, robust and cost-effective measuring network as well as reducing the extrapolation delay from previously 40 to now 10 minutes through the usage of near-time data, the quality of extrapolations and forecasts of the total PV generation in the TenneT grid area in Germany will be significantly improved. These extrapolations and forecasts will be used to reduce the need for expensive balancing power and congestion management.

It will improve the system stability by supporting the PV grid integration and will have a positive impact on grid fees and thus on the price for electricity.

Additional information:

  • SMA Solar Technology AG is a leading global specialist for photovoltaic system technology. SMA employs more than 3,000 people in 20 countries with significant PV penetration
  • TenneT is a leading European electricity transmission system operator (TSO) with activities in the Netherlands and in Germany and serves 41 million end-users with their high voltage grid connection of 21,000 km

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