BNetzA Meets Science




“BNetzA meets science” in an interdisciplinary two-day dialogue event spurring collaboration, knowledge transfer and networking between different stakeholders for the research and development of current and future grids.



  • Shed light on the intricacies of grid planning
  • Enrich the public participation process though interdisciplinary exchange
  • Provide formal and informal exchanges, help share knowledge and develop networks


 Main information:

“BNetzA meets science” is an open and interdisciplinary dialogue and networking event that also has an intergenerational component, linking young academics with their more experienced colleagues. Participants include researchers from universities, think tanks and NGOs and span from students to professors.

The core areas of “BNetzA meets Science” include Technology & Engineering, Communication Science and Economics and Landscape. Issues connected with these topics are discussed through informal exchanges as well as dedicated brainstorming sessions and subject-specific workshops. A panel discussion constitutes the final segment of the event. During the two-day event, interested stakeholders who are not able to join in person have the opportunity to follow the discussion live via Twitter. The outcomes of “BNetzA meets Science” are also documented in detail on the BNetzA website and in a proceedings document.

Feedback from participants shows that they highly value the event. 95% indicate that they would recommend the event and 95.5% say that they left enriched with new aspects of the discussed issues.


Additional information:

  • The “Federal Network Agency” for Electricity Gas, Telecommunications, Post and Railway promotes effective competition in the regulated areas and ensures non-discriminatory access to networks. It was established in 1998 and its headquarters are in Bonn. The Energy Act assigned the BNetzA with the task of regulating Germany’s electricity and gas markets
  • The Participation Section of the BNetzA’s Grid Expansion Department organises the event. It regularly cooperates with the other European regulators and the European Commission, but also with supranational institutions and organisations

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