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Taking the form of a comprehensive and transferable PC-to-PC 3D model, the "HCCP Interactive Consultation" is a communication tool that aims at effectively implementing new grid projects and achieving public acceptability.



  • Provide an effective, portable and user friendly communication tool
  • Provide the public with accurate and comprehensive information
  • Test the transferability of the technology into future projects


Main information:

Triggered by the scale of the Hinkley C project and the inherent importance to provide an effective communication strategy that resulted in broader public acceptability, National Grid developed a unique PC-to-PC 3D model that was used for the first time to model a new T-Pylon (high voltage-400 kV) segment of the Hinkley line. With a model of the planned grid line along the planned route, it allows users to switch between seasonal and weather patterns, examine the difference in impact on the landscape with or no mitigation, measure distances and switch between the existing and the proposed structure. To date, National Grid owns a series of video clips and a 3D library of assets and components that can be employed during consultations.

The added value of this interactive consultation tool is the possibility to plan more effective and inclusive stakeholder consultations that encourage feedback during all the design stages of the project.

During the Hinkley C consultations, the full scale model was available on a series of laptops that were brought to the local communities, however, a fly-through version could also be downloaded to smart phones and tablets, allowing the project team to take advantage of ad-hoc meetings.


Additional information:

The "Hinkley Point C Connection project" or HCCP is a complex linear infrastructure scheme in the South-West of England which will facilitate the connection of new low carbon electricity generators (including onshore and offshore wind power, CCGT gas power stations and a new nuclear power station) to the National Grid network by constructing a new 50 km high voltage (400 kV) connection between Bridgwater in Somerset and Avanmouth near Bristol.


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