Strategic approach for stakeholder engagement






At the beginning of a new project, the project manager (as part of the asset management team) draws up a plan on when and with whom Swissgrid will communicate proactively. This is done in close cooperation with the communication department. Certain milestones of the project and a comprehensive stakeholder mapping form the basis for this plan. The mapping includes e.g. information on previous objections during other infrastructure projects.

Since Swissgrid has only taken over the electricity grid at the beginning of 2013, none of the projects are being started from scratch. In fact, stakeholders and the public already know about the projects. Thus, Swissgrid is currently mostly talking to people directly affected by the new line (e.g. house owners) and to municipalities.

Swissgrid’s goal is an early involvement of all participants: authorities, municipalities, associations and all those affected. So that the involvement from an early stage gives them the opportunity to raise objections as early as the sectoral planning process.