About RGI

RGI is a unique collaboration of NGOs and TSOs from across Europe engaging in an ‘energy transition ecosystem-of-actors’. We promote fair, transparent, sustainable  grid development to enable the growth of renewables to achieve full decarbonisation in line with the Paris Agreement.

Why a Renewables Grid Initiative?

The share of renewable energy in the European power system is expected to significantly increase in the coming years and decades. Driven by energy and climate change concerns, this share of renewable energy is likely to become much larger post-2020 and be the main component of the European power mix. 

The question is no longer whether such an expansion of renewable energy is technically feasible, but rather what are the necessary steps to implement it without endangering the current level of system reliability. One of the key elements is an adequate upgrade and expansion of the electric grid. New strategic interconnections are required to transmit renewable electricity from remote generation sites to consumption centres and storage sites. Grid development is an essential precondition for substantive renewable energy integration from both decentralised and utility scale installations.

Bringing the necessary transformation to the power sector requires strong coalitions across different sectors in society. 

Finding common ground

Since 2009, transmission system operators (TSOs) and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) have joined forces in finding ways to help develop the infrastructure which is needed to integrate large shares of renewable energy with greater public and policy support. Players from both sides have become aware of their mutual interests in realising timely and environmentally sound grid development projects with improved stakeholder and public engagement. For the NGOs, preventing bottlenecks in integrating renewable energy into the electricity system is highly important for combating climate change; TSOs, on the other hand, are convinced that the protection of the environment, transparency and public participation are indispensable for winning public support.

Strategic Objectives

RGI has 3 main strategic objectives:

  1. RGI explores and communicates the need for grids for enabling the transition to a fully decarbonised energy system based on renewables.

  2. RGI promotes and initiates innovative approaches to enable a fair, transparent and environmentally sensitive grid development.

  3. RGI brings together different perspectives, facilitates learning and sharing in the 'energy transition ecosystem-of-actors' and creates policy, regulatory and societal support for needed grids and the energy transition.

Find out more about RGI's strategy and organisational enablers in our Strategy Document, which can be downloaded on the bottom of this page.

Organisation and governance

RGI is a non-profit organisation, registered under German law. We have 23 Members from 12 European countries (more information here). In addition, many of our NGO Members are Brussels-based umbrella organisations with Members all over Europe (e.g. CAN Europe or BirdLife Europe). 


More information about our governance structure is available here, our funding sources are available here

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