The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) is the largest wildlife conservation organisation in the UK, with over a million members. They own and manage over 200 nature reserves covering almost 130,000 hectares - home to 80% of the UK’s rarest or most threatened bird species. In addition to their conservation work on the ground in the UK, they lobby for bird and wildlife-friendly policies in UK, EU and international forums. They are the UK members of the international BirdLife partnership.

Martin Harper, Director of Conservation at RSPB, on RGI:

"Climate change is rapidly becoming the most serious threat faced by birds and wildlife. We need a renewable energy revolution to keep climate change within safe limits, which in turn demands new investment in electricity transmission, distribution and storage. We want this investment to take place in harmony with the natural world, which means avoiding and minimising the impacts that infrastructure development can cause if poorly planned, designed and managed. By bringing together TSOs and environmental NGOs, the RGI has a vital role to play in safeguarding the natural environment as we decarbonise Europe’s energy system.”

RGI gratefully acknowledges the EU LIFE funding support:

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