Friends of the Earth Ireland

Friends of the Earth Ireland are a not for profit campaigning and advocacy organisation based in Ireland.  Our vision is for a just world where people and nature thrive.  We campaign for climate justice and sustainability and believe in environmental limits and fair shares.  In relation to climate and energy policy our objective is to promote a rapid and just transition to a community centred, zero-carbon energy system for Ireland.

Jerry Mac Evilly, Head of Policy Change, FoE Ireland on RGI:

Our climate is in crisis, and the health of our world is at risk.  Transitioning our energy system out of fossil fuels to climate safe renewable technologies is essential. The scale of transformation required will only be possible with the co-operation of communities, citizens, Governments and businesses working together and sharing in the benefits that renewable energy generation and distribution can bring.  Friends of the Earth welcome this partnership in the RGI with grid operators and NGO's working together to achieve the goal of a renewably powered europe while protecting people and nature."