France Nature Environnement (FNE)

Created in 1968 as the Fédération française des sociétés de protection de la nature (FFSPN), France Nature Environnement (FNE) was recognised of public interest in 1976. Nowadays, FNE gathers more than 3,500 associations working for environment protection, in mainland France and overseas. It contributes to the improvement and respect of environmental laws in France and participates in more than 200 consultative and advisory bodies. FNE is also involved in raising environmental awareness through educational actions (reaching 2m persons each year) and sets up various projects with its partners to work concretely for the ecological transition.

The movement gathers around 900,000 volunteers involved in multiple environmental associations, acting every day all around France. France Nature Environnement gathers knowledge through this network to lead both local and national actions.

France Nature Environnement calls for an end to fossil and nuclear energies, for sobriety and for the development of renewable energies. At the moment, french national objectives make it necessary to develop renewables, and then to adapt the power grid: these issues brought together France Nature Environnement and Réseau de Transport d’Electricité (Rte), and are a basis of their historical partnership.

Jérôme Partos, Board Member of FNE on RGI:

"The ecological transition must accelerate, which requires in particular an ambitious energy transition. The power grid has an important role to play: by being efficient, having little impact, and by allowing the development of renewable energies as well as solidarity to guarantee stable supply. Each country must implement a transition in line with its realities, but it is important to align the strategies between countries that are now interdependent, and to build dynamics among key European players.

Joining RGI means extending our work and in particular what we are achieving through our historical collaboration with RTE, by sharing knowledge both on the evolution of energy mixes, the adaptation of the power grid, and on how to reduce environmental impacts, and by acting together to push concrete solutions and lobbying. Collective dynamics are necessary to accelerate change in Europe which makes RGI’s work very important. We are glad to join and participate to its action. "

RGI gratefully acknowledges the EU LIFE funding support:

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