Bellona Europa

Bellona Europa was founded back in 1986, aiming to meet and fight the climate challenges, by identifying and implementing sustainable environmental solutions. The NGO works solution-oriented towards reaching a greater ecological understanding, protection of nature, the environment and health. It has a comprehensive and cross-sectoral approach to assess the economics, climate impacts and technical feasibility of necessary climate actions. To do this, it collaborates with civil society, academia, governments, institutions and industries.

Jonas Helseth, Director, Bellona Europa on joining RGI:

“Direct electrification with renewable electricity is the most efficient way to abate emissions and reduce our dependency on fossil fuels. Grids are a fundamental component of the transition but are often taken for granted.  Joining RGI is for us a renewed commitment to bring grids and electrification at the centre of the political conversation.”

RGI gratefully acknowledges the EU LIFE funding support:

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