Amprion is a German transmission system operator located in the heart of Europe with interconnectors to five European countries and a growing share of renewable production connected to its system. The Amprion grid supplies power to a population of over 27 million with a total circuit length of 11,000 km from Lower Saxony to the Alps. Our network, with voltage levels of 380,000 and 220,000 volts, is accessible to all players in the electricity market. To integrate the forseeable substantial capacity of renewables in Germany we are developing innovative technical solutions to path the way into the energy world of tomorrow.

Gerald Kaendler, Head of Asset Management at Amprion, on RGI:

"The change of our energy system and the integration of electricity from renewable sources is a significant challenge in regard to planning and operating the grid and in explaining needs for capacity increase to our stakeholders. We would like to share our expertise in determining the need for grid development and developing innovative solutions to integrate the increasing share of renewables. This is our contribution to facilitate the changes needed in the operation and expansion of the grid in order to meet the system demands also in the future. Therefore, Amprion is seeking the dialogue with citizens, society, and political and market players in order to address the challenges of the energy transition. In addition, we believe that strengthening relationships with NGOs and being challenged by them will give us a more diverse view on the future needs of the energy system and thus make our own approaches more robust. For this, RGI is an important platform of relevant stakeholders with the common goal to successfully integrate renewables in our energy system while achieving a higher acceptance in public."

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