Raesfeld, Germany

The prospects of undergrounding power lines - Lessons learned from pionieering cable projects

More than three years ago, we met in Switzerland to discuss the technical, environmental, financial and regulatory aspects of highest-voltage underground cables in Europe. Since then, a lot has happened in this field. At our workshop, which is kindly hosted by Amprion, we would like to look at the status quo of underground cables in Europe. Where are we, which lessons have we learned?

While years ago, the technical feasibility has often been questioned and many stakeholders have elaborated over the costs of new underground cables, we are now at a stage where some pilot projects are in the construction phase or even operational. Experiences have been gained regarding how decisions to lay a new power line underground impact discussions with stakeholders and the public. New political frameworks on the pre-conditions and decision-making rules for new underground cables have been established. 

At our workshop, TSOs and project stakeholders will give us first-hand information on different pilot projects. Together with you, we will collect and discuss the main conclusions so far. And, what’s even more exciting: we will have the great opportunity to visit an on-going project and look at the laid cable, cable transfer station and construction site in Raesfeld.


Wednesday, 5th July


Participants arrive in Raesfeld (further information on directions sheet)


Networking lunch




Dr. Klaus Kleinekorte | Amprion GmbH

Antonella Battaglini | RGI



Overview: upcoming cable projects in Europe and their different technological, policy and stakeholder approaches

Andrew Carryer | RGI and Volker Wendt | Europacable



New regulation: mainstreaming undergrounding in Germany?

Heinrich Laun and Oliver Smith | Bürgerdialog Stromnetz



Coffee break



Three case studies on technical, environmental and acceptance aspects of underground cables

1.     Case study Germany: Raesfeld

Gerald Kaendler and Dr. Jan Brüggmann | Amprion

2.     Case study Belgium: Stevin

Jeroen Mentens | Elia

3.     Case study the Netherlands: Randstad 380 kV

Sjouke Bootsma | TenneT



What is the current status of underground cables in Europe?

World café with three different tables

Overarching question: What are lessons learned from case studies across Europe and which political questions/consequences result from them?

·      Technical lessons learned

·      Environmental lessons learned

·      Lessons learned on public acceptance



Aperitif and Networking Dinner


Thursday, 6th July


Excursion: Raesfeld cable transfer station, Borken construction site and exhibition in visitors' centre 

With input by Andreas Grotendorst | Mayor of Raesfeld



Reflection and wrap-up discussion at Schloss Raesfeld on the way forward:

·       Gerald Kaendler | Amprion

·       Jeroen Mentens | Elia

·       Alice Collier | Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB)

·       Carsten Wolff | NKT Cables

·       Antonella Battaglini | RGI



Lunch snack and departure


Travel information

Due to the fact that the event venue, Schloss Raesfeld, is located in a rural area, we blocked some close-by hotel rooms for you to support you with your travel arrangements.

Please choose the hotel and book the hotel yourself by mentioning the booking code "RGI" in an email to info@hotel-am-tiergarten.de. You can book all hotels through this email address except for option 6 - according details for this option are given below. If your chosen hotel is already fully booked, please try another one as the amount of rooms per hotel is very limited.

1. Gästehaus Schloss Raesfeld (http://www.tagen-auf-schloss-raesfeld.de/uebernachten-im-schloss/) € 45,00 - 70,00

2. Schloss Raesfeld (http://www.tagen-auf-schloss-raesfeld.de/uebernachten-im-schloss/) € 65,00 - 98,00

3. Hotel am Tiergarten (http://www.hotel-am-tiergarten.de/) € 70,00 - 108,00

4. Hotel am Sterndeuterturm € 65,00

5. Hotel am Schloss Raesfeld (http://www.hotel-am-schloss-raesfeld.de/) € 60,00 - 90,00

6. Niewerther Hof (http://www.niewerther-hof.de/) € 50,00 - 85,00 - please book this hotel directly with an Email to info@niewerther-hof.de and the booking code "RGI".

We look forward to welcoming you in Raesfeld!

Event partners

The workshop is kindly hosted by


Theresa Schneider
Senior Project Manager

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