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Example Organisation Country Year
MeRegio - Minimum Emission Region EnBW Germany 2012
Minimise cable impact on marine ecosystem Terna Italy 2015
Multi-Criteria Analysis National Grid UK 2011
Multi-stakeholder working groups 50Hertz, TenneT Germany 2013
Net demand ramping variability California ISO USA 2015
New media channels RTE France 2012
New method to calculate EMF zones TenneT The Netherlands 2013
New power grids and nature conservation NABU Germany 2014
New role in explaining energy policy National Grid UK 0
One Flew over the Osprey’s Nest RTE France 2015
PAS System for Safe Grid EVN Bulgaria 2016
Personal contact person 50Hertz Germany 2011
Personal meetings with opponents TenneT The Netherlands 2010
Personalised feedback TenneT The Netherlands 2012
Planning Performance Agreements National Grid UK 2010
Preventing Electrocution of Endangered Birds Bulgarian Society for the Protection of Birds, Birdlife Sudan, Bulgaria 2015
Project accompanying plan (PAP) RTE France 2013
Promotion of biogas systems Namalere Forest Conservation Group Kenya 2016
Public information during spatial planning Statnett Norway 2013
Public involvement during grid development plan TenneT, 50Hertz Germany 2011
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